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Loved every second of it. Although what the hell was up with Hank getting that lobster claw at the end? ;)

Haha good one

Great flash man. Made me crack up. Especially with the whole dramatic scene of Luigi dying and Mario coming up and saying "It'sa me Mario". Good stuff.

Sh0T-D0wN responds:



I've always loved the series, and the ending was fantastic. Extremely great series, and I can't wait to see what comes next! :D

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I'lll beat this game when pigs fly

Gah, this game is easily the most frustrating game I've played since Demon's Souls. The game looks good, but you gotta turn the difficulty down for it to be even possible. Everything has to be pinpoint accurate, which is a real dealbreaker.

I like it

It's fun to play around with it. Also, fun fact: This game caused my internet to crash. Yay windows!


All right, loved the game, beat it, and got over 75 achievements, but do I get any medals? No, of course not. >:(

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I like it

Especially the bass. I like how it's real sped up, but some parts of it are a little choppy. For example, when the keyboard first enters. I still really like it though. Real crazy man. Cool.

Very nice

I like it, but I actually like the instrumental version of it better. Don't get me wrong. You have a great voice, but I dunno, the instrumental just sounds cleaner. The one thing that bothered me in this cover was that your voice matched up with the guitar down to the last note. Like, for example, at 2:43, when you go "how i wish you were here", it should probably be 2 measures of singing, not one, although I'm sure it was probably written as one. I dunno, I'm just going off of what I'm used to. But I really do like your voice. You have a real talent for both the guitar and vocals. Looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff in the future :)

BloodFest responds:

This is not me on vocals dude, it's tingtonger. I suck at singing lol

Thanks for checking out, cheers!


You're very talented at the guitar. I wish I was better at it, but I think I'll stick to drums. Pink Floyd is by far my favorite band, and I always love hearing different remixes and covers by other artists. The guitar replacing the vocals was a nice change, and it works really well. I might download this song later and put it on my ipod, but right now my computer is acting real buggy and slow, so tomorrow probably. But again, fantastic job.

BloodFest responds:

Million thanks dude, I'm glad you liked it.
Really, many thanks for your review

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Not too bad

Yes, as you said, cliche. The two sided face / light & dark is used so much that I almost find it bothersome to look at. But I'll look past that in my review.

First, I fell as if the entire face is almost floating in space. Yes, there is a small suggestion of a body figure in the bottom right corner, but it easily blends with the hair. You could try making it violet, as that would stand out more and still suggest a body figure. An another alternative (which I now think would be better, because it keeps the color scheme of red & blue), would be to make it a very light, almost airy white-blue (which is different than light blue, as it is not actually mixing the two colors, but having small parts of both colors in a given spot, but I don't wanna try and force my style on you). This would work because as an instinct, our eyes percieve lighter tints of colors first, especially if they are against a darker shade. Also, try adding a neck, as it would connect the two components.

I feel as if the lighter half of the face lacks a certain "umph" to it, so to say. I feel as if you shaded it some, it would really pop out more to the viewer. Just because it's a lighter color doesn't mean you shouldn't blend in some purple to certain parts of the face. You might be wondering why on earth you would ever add purple to yellow to shade, but it's because it's yellow's opposite (you can observe this on the color wheel). You would want to take your original color, and add just a touch of violet, and then blend it into only the certain parts of which the person would need to make them less flat. A common mistake of beginning painters is that they want to add black to shade everything. But I've found in my expierence that using a color's opposite really helps a painting. Try using an eisel if you don't already. It can really help you see things in a different way. It's kinda hard to explain, but it's definitely beneficial. Also, try to blend more. I know it's difficult, but I feel as if the face needs more color variety and less choppyness

I saw in one of your other reviews that you use a lot of paint. Don't. Most great art actually contains very little paint. Try using more water.

Overall however, I found that I liked it. It has certain feel to it, and if you say you're only first getting into painting, this definitely would surpass my abilities when I was first starting out.

On an unrelated note however, do you ever use tempera? Most people don't like it and perfer tempera, but I found that I enjoy it much more, by a long shot even. I love doing wishywashy kinda stuff with bleeding in it. You should try it some time.

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

The blue part in the corner isn't actually a body, it's just a blotch of blue that's filling space. I don't exactly remember why I did that, but I think it was supposed to be some sort of gradient (it looks more gradient-like in the painting), albeit not a very good one.

But other than that, I agree with you. I haven't tried tempera. Maybe I'll look into it. Thanks for the detailed review :]

not bad...

i kinda like it. Like, the shadings correct and all that, the black in the back with the white outline is cool, but it seems like its missing somethin' or something. Looks cartoony, which i'm sure you were goin' for, but maybe if you finished it all the way, it would look more complete. i like it, but, it seems like there should be more. I havent been scouted yet, but it gave me the option to "recommend for art portal" which I dunno is a glitch or not, but once I get scouted, i'll be sure to scout you. Oh, and again, nice work.

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Yeah, I agree with you when you say it's missing something.

Thank you for the fair and helpful review and I'll be sure to finish this like you said.
Too bad I lost my damn tablet pen >:(

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