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I'lll beat this game when pigs fly

Gah, this game is easily the most frustrating game I've played since Demon's Souls. The game looks good, but you gotta turn the difficulty down for it to be even possible. Everything has to be pinpoint accurate, which is a real dealbreaker.

I like it

It's fun to play around with it. Also, fun fact: This game caused my internet to crash. Yay windows!


All right, loved the game, beat it, and got over 75 achievements, but do I get any medals? No, of course not. >:(

Hell yeah

I was cracking up the whole time. Great job!

Kevin responds:




This game rocks. I can really see this making front page.

Not that great

First off, I didn't like the overall look of the flash. It was very generic, and sorta plain. I see that you were trying to make it NG-central, but a grey background, with some text isn't exactly great art. Also, there were some spelling and grammar errors.
Secondly, the content. I've heard everything on here a million times. Everything you said in here was already mentioned either in the FAQ, or that it's common knowledge that "FUCK YOU, YOU SUCK" is abusive. I don't really see the need for this, as new people will find out through the "guidelines for posting reviews" on the bottom of the review page or use common sense and already know what is abusive and what isn't.
Lastly, there was very little put into the flash. Writing that silver means you are getting up there isn't exactly something that I didn't already know.
So, please take my constructive criticism, and try to do better on your next flash. Thanks.

Haha loved it

I also like how if you DON'T cheat, you have to redo the level. Brilliant!

Jesus christ people...

Maybe if you guys played more than 4 minutes of the game, you'd realize how awesome it really is. Although the demo is pretty crappy compared to the real thing, I still find it fun. I went on the site, registered and all that jazz, and found the game to be MUCH better than a demo. The lag is kinda annoying, but the real version of it is amazing. I loved this game. Good job.


I liked it. A fun twist on the classic battleship. Overall, good job

I liked it

It had a nice flow to it, the animation was smooth, and the music worked great. The game was simple, yet challenging in the later levels. Overall, good job.

Hello world,fuck me!!!

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